Health Interventions

Early Intervention and Skills Development:

SESTAA has started a new initiative in Goalpara, Assam in collaboaration with two local community organisations, Shishu Sarothi, Guwahati and Shishu Vikas Kendra, Goalpara. Financial assistance has been provided for the establishment of an early intervention centre for children with developmental disabilities. The centre will provide therapeutic intervention to the children and educate parents and carers for their management and care. Shishu Vikas Kendra has provided the land and building for the project, Shishu Sarothi is providing the technical expertise and SESTAA has provided financial assistance and specialist help for the initial phase of this project. This is an ongoing project with the objective of developing the centre into a well-equipped disability care centre for the rural areas of Lower Assam, India (SESTAA, November, 2014)

Ebola Crisis:

To help the disadvantaged in Africa, to mitigate the scours of Ebola and to assist towards preventing a health crisis that was threatening to ravage the world, SESTAA contributed a minor sum as one-off donation to the Ebola Appeal of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), Australia (SESTAA, December, 2014).